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SolarHut is focused on providing cost effective, optimised solar solutions  to clients ranging from residential, small to large commercial businesses, industrial and government organizations across Australia.


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We endeavor to help our customers understand and make the best use of solar energy solutions for homes and commercial properties.

We deliver superior service, quality manufacturing, and the most advanced technological innovations. We believe that we can provide great products through sustainable development, and which will provide a great return on investment for our customers.

As a company that specializes in custom designs, Solar Hut employs some of Australia’s leading specialists and engineers in solar energy. We are all passionate about creating high quality solar energy systems for varied residential and commercial purposes.

Whether you are a home owner or  small business we are committed to provide you the same quality products and excellent customer service. 

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At Solar Hut, we have a vision of creating a greener planet by harnessing latest developments in solar technology, to simultaneously reduce energy costs and the carbon footprint of our clients. We don’t believe in compromising just to get products out the door – everything we design and produce is high efficiency, high performance and guaranteed to save you energy and money.

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How do I know if I am eligible for a rebate?

The eligibility test is quite simple – the only criteria being:

  • The size of the solar panel system you installed is less that 100kW;
  • Your installation was completed by ASD solar professional; and
  • The panels and inverter your solar professional installed was approved by the Clean Energy Council (this can be found on the data sheets/brochures for your equipment. If you are unsure ask your provider to show you the documentation).
How much is the rebate worth to me?

Firstly, it is very simple to work out how much you’re entitled to when buying a solar power system. To work out what solar rebate your proposed system will bring you can simply jump on the REC registry website HERE and run a few sums.

The STC price as of today (14 March 2019) the spot price is around $37, or $630 per kW installed. So, from here the math is simple:
If you want a 5kW solar power system then you would get $3,150 off the total cost of an installed system in subsidies (5 x $630).

The bigger the system the larger the rebate based on this equation:
Cost of an installed 30kW solar power system in 2019: $48,900 STC Subsidy: $18,900 Discounted Cost you actually pay: $30,000

If you are unsure what size solar power system your home or business may need you can find some pointers by reading through THIS explanation.

How long will it take for a solar power system to pay for itself?

The payback period of a solar power system varies widely depending on the initial investment for the system, the size of the system, the usage patterns of the consumer and the price received as a feed in tariff from the energy retailer. For premises that use small amounts of electricity and receive the premium feed in tariff, the payback period can be less than 3 years. For premises that use a lot of electricity and are not eligible for the premium feed in tariff, the payback period will be closer to 7 years.

What is the expected lifespan of a Solar PV System?

A Solar System is expected to continue producing electricity for 25+ years if maintained. Solar Panel manufacturers guarantee that the system will continue to produce no less than 80% of their efficiency for 25 years.

How much electricity will I generate?

The amount of electricity that you generate depends on the size of your system, which way it is facing, whether there is any shading from trees or other buildings and the local climatic conditions. One of our consultants can provide an indication of the average generation a Solar Energy System will provide on your business.

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